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    Joshua Flint is a visual artist utilizing oil paint to create archetypes and environments found in the Anthropocene. In his paintings imaginary figures protect gardens, become avian habitats, as well as pollinate flowers. Architectural spaces synthesize interior and exterior elements symbolic of the intricacies of the occupants. His paintings explore the historical role and trajectory of the natural sciences, of connection and disconnection, of spirit and matter, of fracture and formation.

    Driven by academic pursuits into forestry and wildlife ecology before turning his attention to art, Flint found that the sciences didn’t fully engage with questions he had about identity, memory and history. His work draws inspiration from literature, poetry, philosophy, science, and nature writing. Themes arise through research into eco-psychology and cultural mythology as well as reflection of personal experience.

    Joshua has held a solo exhibition at a regional art museum, the Sumter Gallery of Art. His work has been placed in Coléccion Solo in Madrid, Spain, the Hinson Art Museum at Wingate University, in the city collection of Astoria, OR, and in private collections in the US and Europe. He is an associate professor at Pacific Northwest College of Art.